Raft Codes Commands List Updated

Here we will discuss about Craft Code & Commands in simple way follow method here to help you with this code and console command we provide some working code list and console command for Raft Code.

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raft cheat commands

Raft Codes & Commands

Below is a list of the latest Raft Codes & Commands that you can use to get prizes immediately using the code before it expires.

Set Attributes

How to change the attribute value type- / set “attribute” “value”, if it’s not clear you can see the example below

  • Blockhealth – serves to assign Blockhealth X
  • Bonushunger – functions to organize Bonushunger X
  • FPS – functions to set X fps
  • Gamemode – assigns Gamemode X
  • Hunger – Serves to regulate hunger X
  • Oxygen – Useful for regulating Oxygen X
  • Thirst – Useful for determining X Thirst

Just change the “attribute” to line other attributes.

Spawn Items/animals

Just type: spawn “item or animal” for this example to spawn animals and items. for more details, see below

  • Boar – to spawn a Boar
  • Chickens – for the hens to lay eggs
  • Goats – for the goats to lay eggs
  • Large landmark – to show big landmark
  • Pilot landmark – to bring up landmark_pilot
  • Landmark – for the breeding ground
  • Landmarkraft – to show landmark_raft
  • Llama – to spawn a llama
  • Pufferfish – to spawn pufferfish
  • Shark – to spawn Shark
  • Stonebird – to spawn stonebird

You don’t need to be confused to use it, just change the “attribute” to spawn more items.

Other Chat Commands

  • Shift = serves to move the raft to the center of the world
  • Clear = Useful for clear “item or thing”
  • Godmode = useful for god mode

Raft Codes – useful for Returning Oxygen Bottles

To do that it’s quite easy, use the trick below to revive used oxygen bottles or fins and If you have an oxygen fin or bottle of sufficient durability have a look here

  • The first step is to remove the item from the equipment slot.
  • After the process is complete, select save again the item that you moved to one of the equipment slots.

Immediately use the new code and command the console that was just issued to the list So stay tuned for this post for the latest code.

How To enable Raft Codes & Commands

If you are going to use the chat command all you have to do is go to the chat options and enter the command as you wish.


Now that you know how to get Craft Codes & Commands and also how to activate them, use them to enjoy the game. don’t forget to tell your friends

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