Slither IO Codes Full List Updated

Slither IO Codes

Here we will list some of the new Slither IO Codes which are only available for Android and iOS devices. Apart from that, you will use Slither IO in any internet browser by opening then adding your username on the main screen and starting playing the game easily. We’ve presented some of these code lists for Slither IO by getting these codes from every possible source.

Codes for Slither IO

Below is some code that serves slither io. We’ll be updating more code soon. Use these codes it gives good rewards viz get Crown Skin, Pikachu Skin, boosters, and many other fun things.

  • 0150-6765-3242 – get 1 cool Picachu Skin
  • 0295-1038-1704 – get one crown skin
  • 5467-2084-4628 – This code provides an unknown skin
  • 7273-4783-4361 – get a cool look

Below is some io slither code that will immediately work and use the new code here as soon as possible as there is a time limit.

Slither IO Cheat Codes 2020 (Inactive)

All active code for Slither IO is already provided with you via the list above and see here a list that contains every code that is generated and some have expired.

  • 2182-1232-1234 : gives unknown skin
  • 4524-7684-5643 : provided an upgrade for a while
  • 2343-7348-8328 : get dragon skin
  • 3478-8237-3847 : this code provides the skin of the crown
  • 5462-3267-7326 : get one unknown skin for free
  • 3462-3462-4781 : provides 2 unknown skins
  • 3250-1232-9763 : get the crown skin for free
  • 7834-4327-3429 : gives unknown skin
  • 4327-3298-9275 : gives the crown skin
  • 3298-9382-9423 : get an unknown gift
  • 2317-4286-8129 : get free skins and boosts
  • 4328-3427-6549 : this code provides lift in speed
  • 3432-8769-7658 : claim given code for slither io to request invisible skin for free

How to redeem codes in Slither IO

Then copy the code from the list above and then launch the game.

After you launch the game, wait for the game to load until it’s finished. Now look for ‘Enter Code’ written on the right side of the screen. Press that button.

Now, a replacement window will appear, there you will be able to add the code you copied and press the button.

About Slither IO

Slither IO is a multiplayer web and multi-platform game that can be played for Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Android devices, but you will also be playing it online by going to and starting playing. The game was first launched in 2016. Slither IO was created by Steve Howse when published by Lowtech Studios.

The best part of the game is that you simply download it from the App Store or Play Store or onto your windows device, enter your username, and start playing.

Furthermore, you will also change the skin and color of your slither by going to the Skin Change option given at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Build Your Slither

Slither IO allows building your slither too and you will be able to set the overall slither by selecting each slither ring.

Now on the next screen, you will be treated to two new options at the right angle namely to ‘Select Cosmetics’ and ‘Build Slither’. attend the second option and select the type of ring you want from the number of rings given.

after building your slither is complete, comes the main choice ‘Select Cosmetics’ choose cosmetics to make your slithering shape look cooler.

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